Privacy Policy

We at 6 Month Loans provide tailored loan deals that are exclusive to your specific situation. For that, you will have to provide minimum personal details. Please ensure that whatever information you provide while filling up the online loan application form are very accurate and cent percent true. You can remain fully assured that all your personal information will be effectively safeguarded. It is only when you apply with us that we request you to provide personal information. We have highest regard for your privacy and make use of very advanced security measures to protect it from external illegal access. Your current and correct information is the basis on which we select the right loan for you.

You can easily save any of our website pages for further reference. You can browse through our web pages anonymously. We do not collect any personal information from those who visit our website just to know more about the services that we offer. We make use of cookies as part of website maintenance. You are free to disable them, if you feel so.

Thus, we discuss your personal data with our trusted lenders. We do not unveil it to a third source under usual circumstances. Please remain informed that we may be forced to share it with a legal body, if such a requirement arises during any later stage of our transaction with you.

We may make certain timely changes in our privacy policy in due course. You can keep yourself updated of all such policy revisions by going through our privacy policy page each time you visit our website. Reading through our privacy policy page will also guarantee you that your personal data will remain safe with us.

There are certain third party links in our website. You can browse through these links at your own risk. We will not be, in any way, responsible for any damage to your privacy caused as a result of browsing through these web pages. They follow a different set of privacy statements which are quite different from ours. Reading through their respective privacy policy page will help you know about their privacy policy statements. Please do not remain under the impression that our privacy polices are applicable to these third party websites and vice versa. By choosing to apply for one or other of our loan deals, you are in fact agreeing to follow all our terms and conditions that we have mentioned in the website.